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My Bluerov 2 lights not working

I am using the bluerov 2 for the first time, i have setup everything cameras, thruster all working fine. the lights have not come up yet. please advice. i use an xbox 360 joystick

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Check the Lumen signal wire orientation. The yellow wire should be oriented toward the bottom of the Pixhawk. If it is oriented towards the top, it won’t work.

  2. Check to see if it assigned to output channel 7 in QGC for a Standard BlueROV2.

  1. After that, manually re-check your button mappings for your controller. We had defaults for the Logitech F310 and XboxOne controller, an Xbox 360 controller is a bit older and the buttons may need to be remapped.

Hi Kelvin,

Thanks for the response, I have already sorted it out it was the wire orientation.



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