Lights on BlueRov2 not coming on

Hi there, the lights on our new BlueRov2 are not turning on -(they did come on the first couple of times we powered up the equipment). Can anyone advise why this might be the case? Thanks

Hi @Corrinne99, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

My main ideas are

  1. Incorrect parameters
    • Make sure the output channels are selected correctly in the Lights page
    • Possibly try resetting your parameters from the Tools button in the Parameters page
    • Make sure your joystick button functions are set up to control the lights, in the Joystick page
  2. A cable is disconnected/cut
    • Check the power and signal wires within the enclosure, and the cables to the lights
  3. Something electronic is fried
    • You can check if the lights are working by connecting the power and ground wires as normal, and then connecting the signal wire directly to a 5V line, or to the power wire for the light
      • This turns on full brightness - be careful not to look directly at the lights when doing so!
      • If the lights do not turn on they may be damaged - please check for cracks in the lenses, see if there looks to be water in any of the lights, and contact to let them know the context and sort things out from there :slight_smile:
    • If the lights are working fine then there’s either a parameter issue or the output pin of your autopilot board is fried (which should be testable by connecting the lights signal to a different output channel, and configuring it as the new lights channel)

Thanks very much for getting back to me, much appreciated. I’ve also had some advice from Matt at Carcinus now, so I should be able to work it out with all the info. Many thanks

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