Thrusters starting when lights settings are changed

We’ve had an issue with our lights not coming on, but when we tried to change the settings to turn the lights on, 2 of the thrusters are starting up and then cannot be switched off again except by removing the battery for the ROV. If anyone has any pointers, I’d be very grateful! Thanks

I would recommend joy stick calibration for the thruster issue. Check your button configuration also. I have to calibrate the joystick every single dive.

Hi @Corrinne99,

Which ArduSub version are you using, and what kind of joystick do you have?

I’d recommend trying/checking these options:

@SaferHarbors That shouldn’t be the case unless you’re using a new joystick every dive, or your joystick’s sensor elements are actively changing as you use it (in which case it likely needs to be replaced).

QGroundControl should save the joystick calibration values when it completes a calibration, and load them again when it next starts up and detects the same joystick. Are you using a standard QGroundControl version, and common joystick setup?

Thank you.

I’m using all standard equipment. Even after calibration I will still look at the general joystick and see the calibration didn’t work correctly and the throttle will be all the way max.