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Custom joystick axis functions for BlueROV2 Heavy

(Travis Griggs) #1

Is it possible to customize the joystick axis assignments in Qgroundcontrol? I’ve got a heavy model, and I would like the controls to function like an RC aircraft (which is an extremely intuitive flight control mode.)

Here are the assignments I would like.

How can I assign these?

(Jacob) #2

You can use the transmitter mode radio buttons in the upper right hand corner of the joystick setup page to remap some axes.

forward/lateral will always correspond to roll/pitch though, you can’t have the throttle axis interchanging with the forward axis.

(Travis Griggs) #3

I saw that. But unfortunately none of the predefined options are giving me what I want.

Is there any way to define my own mapping?

(Jacob) #4

You can ignore the text and pictures, and just move the sticks that you want when it asks you about the axis assignments.

(Travis Griggs) #5

I experimented with this in the pool this morning, but I’m still not able to obtain the desired result. The Roll/Pitch toggle always switches the “forward” command with “pitch down.” So no matter what, I can’t pitch down and then accelerate forward simultaneously.

This is exactly opposite of how the pitch/roll toggle should be configured.

The ideal config for the Heavy BlueRov would be:
Left Stick: Always forward/reverse/yaw.
Right stick toggles between Pitch/Roll and Throttle/Lateral.

(I have seen the pitch-lock feature in stabilize mode, but the control configuration above is far more elegant and intuitive.It is has been used by R/C Airplanes and helicopters for decades.)

My goal is to quickly dive 100+ feet and locate a small artificial reef on the seafloor before we drift away from it. Diving nose first gives us the best speed, visibility and maneuverability. Here’s a example video of our typical dive profile.

Will we need to modify the code in Ardusub to do this with BlueROV Heavy?

Help building ardusub fork