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Holding Pitch and Roll for BlueROV2 Heavy Configuration

(Mohd Amri) #1

Hi guys,

I need some help regarding controls for the BlueROV. I tried to hold the pitch or roll at a certain angle on the bluerov2 heavy configuration, but it always returns to the horizontal plane. How can the bluerov2 hold its pitch or roll angle? I have problems finding it out. Do I have to setup the parameters or it is a problem on the buoyancy and the bluerov2 can’t hold either pitch or roll?

Thanks guys…

(Matthew) #2

Hi Mohd,
Have you managed to resolve the issue? We also have a heavy BlueROV2 and despite multiple attempts we also see the same behaviour. We can roll or pitch the ROV in stabilize or manual mode but it immediately returns to level when the command inputs are stopped.
Best regards


(Mohd Amri) #3

hi matt,

nope, the problem still persists. I am waiting for the bluerobotics team to reply.


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(Patrick José Pereira) #5


Right now this is not possible with our last version of ArduSub, but there is a feature in the master branch of the project that allows attitude control in stabilize mode via SET_ATTITUDE_TARGET and quaternions.

Documentation will be updated with further information.

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(Matthew) #6

Hi Patrick,
Thanks for the response, I will look into that and also look forward to updates in the documentation.
Best regards

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(Mohd Amri) #7

Hi Patrick,

don’t really understand what you mean for altitude control. I am trying to hold the pitch or roll for the bluerov2 heavy config like in your video here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tmi92sBCeJI at 2:30, where the bluerov2 in pitch down and moves laterally. Any idea how to do it or which parameters I need to change?

Thanks again.

(Patrick José Pereira) #8


Sorry, but in my previous post I said attitude and not altitude.
Attitude is usually used in robotics to talk about φ [roll], θ [pitch], ψ [yaw] and the speed of each one.

@amri @mattcmgb It appears to be possible to control roll and pitch in manual and acro mode.
From Joystick Button Functions in Ardusub webpage:

  • roll_pitch_toggle: Toggle between roll/pitch and forward/lateral control on joystick input

Further information will be added in our documentation and probably @jwalser can give more insights about it.

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(Matthew) #9

Hi Patrick,
Thanks for the suggestion of Acro mode, I haven’t tried in Acro, so will give it a go. I did previously try roll/pitch toggle in manual mode, it was certainly possible to command roll / pitch but the ROV tended to revert to normal level attitude immediately - possible related to the ballast / buoyancy configuration.
Best regards

(Patrick José Pereira) #10


We have updated the documentation, please check Roll and Pitch Control.

(Mohd Amri) #11

Hi bluerobotics team,

Thank you very much for updating the documentation. I will definitely try it out as soon as possible and get back to you guys about the outcome.

Does the buoyancy effect the holding pitch of the bluerov. Currently our ROV is slightly pitch upwards due to the weight distribution of having the battery slightly place at the back to accommodate our GoPro place in front of the 3" enclosure.

Best regards,

(Jacob) #12

The static/steady-state position of the ROV in the water will depend on the position of the center of gravity and center of buoyancy (weight and buoyancy distribution matter here). You move the trim weights around on the bottom of the ROV so that it sits level in the water when the motors are not spinning.

The dynamic position of the rov when it’s attitude angle is stabilized generally does not matter so much about the weight distribution, the autopilot can automatically correct for that.