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Active stabilizing in any angles with "Heavy" setup?

Dear fellow BlueROVers… I have a few questions regarding stabilization of a BlueROV “Heavy” setup.

Is it possible to stabilize the vehicle in any roll and pitch angle?
I believe all software is upgraded according to the upgrade procedures but when the vehicle is set to Stabilize mode it returns to standard flat horizon. I am looking for the function to stabilize the ROV when it’s rolled 90 degrees. Does anyone know if this is possible?

When the ROV is rolled 90 degrees, what will happened with Depth hold mode? Will the ROV use the horizontal thrusters to maintain depth?

There is a brief description on how to achieve roll/pitch in the setup documentation. This is a new feature at the moment, and we are working on a more flexible/intuitive approach.

Not at the moment, it will be possible in the future. For now, I recommend using only stabilize mode when roll/pitch is activated.

Stay tuned.

Thanks Jacob,

Just to clarify - if we roll roll the ROV to examples 45 degrees and activate “stabilize” mode is it supposed too to actively compensate to maintain this roll?

When we roll the system to example 45 degrees and active “stabilize” mode it thrust back to 0 degree roll and actively stabilize there.

The angle target is cleared every time the mode is changed.
Enter stabilize, then roll.

But i can’t even roll or pitch the BlueROV2 when I am in stabilise mode? I only managed to pitch or roll it during manual mode and i don’t think the rov could hold the pitch/roll angle in manual mode, right?

@amri, you can check the documentation here.