How to use Roll/Pitch with Lateral/Forward/Backward insted Descend/Ascend movement

Hi there,

I am wondering if there possibility to change mode Roll/Pitch control so I can choose NOT between ascend/descend and Forw/Backw/Lateral OR acend/descend and Roll/Pitch but I want to use Forw/Backw/Lateral with Roll/Pitch control mode which give me more option to move around water.

OR let’s say to which way I should dig in to setup custom made joystick which has more stick inputs comparing with regular logitech/gaming joystick.

Thank you

Hi @nurjan14,

To respond directly:

No, that’s not currently possible with ArduSub. It does seem useful, so I’ve raised an issue for it that can be tracked for any progress. You’re of course welcome to submit a pull request to add the functionality if you implement it yourself :slight_smile:

Additional control axes are also not currently supported in ArduSub and also not in QGroundControl, although that is something we’re planning to support in future.

This thread may be worth a read for understanding more about complex #surface-controller setups :slight_smile: