How to disable pitch and roll option?

I have a custom frame with a single vertical thruster so no pitch and roll capability.

How do I configure the system to not ask me when setting up the joysticks to provide a pitch and roll input?

PS. I have built a custom Ardusub to run on the Navigator board and added my own custom frame to the source. I also have QGroundControl but have not made any changes to the source.

Hi @v8dave -
Typically the joysticks are only used to control pitch and roll in acro mode. By default, mode 3 is used, where the left stick controls the position (forward backwards, left/right strafe) and the right stick controls the yaw and depth.

Thanks Tony. The controls are reversed for what ROV operators are used to and as I am converting an existing ROV to Ardusub etc, I want the forward/reverse and lateral on the right side which is no issue to remap it but the issue is that the setup in QGroundcontrol is looking for pitch and roll inputs and I don’t have them wired up or available in this controller. I am setup for mode 3. In fact, tried all 4 and can’t disable the pitch and roll input calibration. :frowning:

Hi @v8dave -
It may call it pitch and roll, but I don’t think that’s what the joysticks will actually do? Can you share a screenshot of what you’re encountering? Both axis of the joysticks need to be calibrated. If you’d like to reverse the mapping I described for the joysticks, you can move the opposite stick when told to move the left/right stick during controller calibration…

This is what I get after the yaw is calibrated. I can’t get past this point as there is no axis for this. I can’t use an existing axis once it has been assigned to another function.

Hmm, are you using a joystick that only supports 2 or 3 motion axes?

Even with no pitch or roll control a vehicle could still be expected to move forward/laterally/vertically/turning. I wouldn’t be surprised if QGC requires 4 motion axes for the joystick calibration for sub vehicles - there are several brittle aspects to its design.

If that’s the case, maybe try using Cockpit? It’s installable as a BlueOS Extension.

Hi @v8dave -
Your screenshot indicates that you need to move the left stick to the right, as you do so a slider on the right should react. If it doesn’t, your gamepad has an issue! Just because it says “Roll stick” doesn’t mean that joystick will control roll…

The left stick was already allocated to the yaw control so it won’t work for pitch.

I am going to get myself a Leo Bodnar BU0836X board and build my own interface and work from that instead. I can add pitch roll as needed until I can figure out how to disable them. :slight_smile: