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Problems with joystick calibration

(Iker) #1

Hi, I am trying to calibrate the joystick but I don’t understand how to do it.

The documentation say the next:


The first time you use a new joystick or gamepad in QGroundControl, you will be asked to calibrate it. This allows QGC to detect which axis is which and what the range of each axis is.

Important ArduSub-specific Instructions: The calibration process is a little confusing for ArduSub. This will be fixed in upcoming versions of QGC, but for now, you must follow this process.

  1. Click “Calibrate” on the joystick page, then click “Next”.
  2. We want to calibrate the joysticks in the opposite way that QGC asks us to do it. When asked to move each axis, move the following sticks:
    • Throttle: right stick up/down
    • Yaw: right stick right/left
    • Roll: left stick right/left
    • Pitch: left stick up/down
I don't understand what "the opposite way" means. If the calibration asks you to move the right joystick up, should I move the right joystick down, or the left joystick up?

Another way to calibrate it could be to know what combination of motor should be used to roll right, left, pitch…

If I know what motors should move for any instruction and in what direction, cw or ccw, I could calibrate the joystick trying different ways. Could you, please, explain me what motors should move for all differente instructions (roll,pitch,yaw,up,down)?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


(Paul) #2

You’re talking about these instructions here: http://ardusub.com/initial-setup/#joystickgamepad-calibration

You’re right, it is pretty confusing and to be honest, I just followed the steps as directed by qGround control and used the controls as-is. If you do that, some of the joystick functions are swapped. Not a real issue, just a bit of an inconvenience. Hopefully Rusty and gang will get this fixed in qGC soon.

(Iker) #3

Thanks for answering!

I have actualice everything with the last updates and it works perfectly.