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Game Pad - mapping button functions

(Alan Robert Buchanan) #1


I assembled the BlueRov2 as per the instructions.

I have the following issue.

  1. I had to reverse all the thrusters on one side to make the sub navigate correctly.
  • Not sure why or how this occurred ?
  1. The game pad controller I have (Logitech F710 Wireless Gamepad) works but the button functions are all reverses.
  • Left button up/down is starboard/port
  • Left button right/left is forward/aft
  • etc

I ran the calibrations per the instructions using Roll 90.

Is it possible to remap the buttons so they operate correctly in qGroundControl or is this something I do in the gamepad software.



(Jacob) #2


The directions of the motors depend on how the wires are physically connected. Because of this, configuring the motor directions in software is part of our software setup instructions.

It sounds like you may need to re-calibrate the joystick (not the autopilot IMU) in QGroundControl. You can do this in the Joystick tab of the Vehicle Setup page (click the gears icon).

Let us know how it goes!


(Alan Robert Buchanan) #3

Thanks Jacob,

I have calibrated the joy stick as per the setup instructions but still get the direction reversals

It seems to me its the button mapping in the game pad. Can this be set in QGroundControl or do I do it in the game pad software

(Jacob) #4

Are you pushing buttons or moving joysticks? The joystick calibration (and mapping) can be done in QGC. Please follow the diagram in the upper right hand corner when doing the calibration.