Joystick Mapping issues with bluerov


I was able to compile the bluerov firmware successfully and uploaded it to my pixhawk. My problem is that when I go to connect it to my QGroundControl, none of the buttons from my F130 Logitech controller maps properly to the pixhawk. As stated how the buttons should be mapped using the bluerov firmware:

I.e. My disarm button is the RB and my arm button is the LB and the Y and B buttons are not changing/registering the respective althold/stablize modes.

Am I missing something here, what could I be doing wrong?


Hi Cory,

I think if you flip the switch on the back of the Logitech 310 it will fix that issue. That gamepad handles two different types of output and you can switch between them.

We’re also working on a way to map the buttons to any function so that you can reconfigure them. There’s a branch with that working on Github right now but it’s not in the master branch yet.



Hi Cory,

I’m using the Logitech at the moment and it’s working fine, just needs a couple of changes to the radio.cpp file to align the mapping to the standard buttons. The link below has the radio.cpp file I’ve amended for the Logitech 310.

If you replace the original radio.cpp file with this one and re-make and update the firmware file all should be sweet.