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Joystick calibration

(Adetu Oluwaseyi) #1

Please I need someone to help me in calibration of joystick plsss

Using a flight controller joystick in liew of game pad controller
(TCIII) #2


You can use Windows to calibrate your joystick controller by following these instructions.

Then use the joystick tab in QGC to verify joystick axis operation and button operation.


(Adetu Oluwaseyi) #3

Help me to check this pls

(Willian Galvani) #4

Hi @seyipeter,

What issue are having with the joystick calibration?

(Adetu Oluwaseyi) #5

Movement issue when ever I press forward the rov would go backward same to all directions.

The light also not coming up at all.

(Jacob) #6

Hello, Please revisit our software setup instructions, and make sure you complete them in order and in their entirety. Pay particular attention to the joystick and motor setup sections.