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Using dual Flight Joysticks

(Bo Koppel) #1

To have better ergonomics for ROV control I got dual Flight Controllers working with QGC
It is Saitek Rhino X56
To make them work with QGroundcontrol You have to emulate their output into one X-Box format.
Ie QGC believs there are only one standard X Box controller connected.
That also means You can only have that many commands/buttons that a X box has.
A way to make this work is x360ce emulator: http://www.x360ce.com/

Using a flight controller joystick in liew of game pad controller
(undersearobotics.com) #2

I don’t understand why QGC still only supports X-Box controllers. Back during the initial beta testing it supported HID compliant controllers but later that compatibility was lost. Is there any way we can get it back? That would allow us to use more sophisticated controllers without the need for an emulator.

(Bo Koppel) #3

Newer versions QGC support more controllers.
Even my joystick above, BUT only one at a time.
So with my setup using 2 controllers, You have to use emulator for a while longer…

(Kevin) #4

@Boko Awesome research into this! I kinda like having the bigger joysticks and I wonder if this emulator would work with two of the Logitech 3D joysticks. I already have one so I might have to get another and try it out.

(undersearobotics.com) #5

You’ll need to use a joystick remapper like VJOY or UJR


(Jacob) #6


I don’t understand why QGC still only supports X-Box controllers.

More accurately, QGC supports XInput controllers (like xbox360 and the logitechs).

The joystick libraries were overhauled at some point last year. Support for HID was probably lost there. I would like to be able to support more methods of input, such as joysticks like this, custom built controllers, and keyboard input. This isn’t a priority at the moment, but it will happen.