Hotas joystick compatibility

Is the Cockpit compatible with the T-Flight Hotas X joystick? or currently only with the controller?


Hi @WilliamDomben,

In principle Cockpit can support arbitrary joystick types, although understandably we don’t have nice pictures built in for every joystick model in existence. If you want to use a joystick type that doesn’t already have an accurate visual representation in Cockpit then you can either try it as-is and just work with the default interface, or help to add support for it (e.g. via a Pull Request or by providing the relevant information that would allow us to create an SVG and map the buttons to it).

This thread is on a similar topic, and there are others who’ve expressed an interest in nice HOTAS joystick support, so it seems worthwhile to add if possible.

We have plans to improve the process for adding custom joysticks in future, but the documentation is quite limited at the moment, so feel free to ask questions on anything that isn’t clear. This merged pull request shows the relevant parts of the codebase that should be modified to support a new joystick type :slight_smile:


I have done that for many years, emulating Hotas to X box syntax in QGC.
Probably work for Cockpit as well.

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