Joystick for controlling BR2 wit Q G C

I want to revive my BR2 that I have had for a while. I work with work class ROVs offshore and I am used to the fighter pilot type joystick. Is there any gaming joystick that I can buy to use with QGround control ?
The joysticks work with flight simulator and there are a lot of buttons that can be assigned to varius controls.

Hi Marius -
I believe QGC with Ardupilot is limited to 14 button functions…
Generally any USB joystick supported by your OS (Human Input Device HID driver) should work! Maybe something like this? We’ve not tested it, so your mileage may vary…

It’s possible to use a teensy microcontroller to read (custom DIY) joysticks and send the data in such a way that most computers recognize it as a game controller as well…

Hi Tony
Thank you for your prompt reply.
The joystick in your picture is something that I had in mind. That one on Amazon is a flight simulator joystick, with a lot more functions. I will buy one, but I want to buy the correct one that QGC will recognise.
Maybe someone on the forum has had experience with this.

You can always make joysticks emulate X box etc:

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Hi Marius,

I, too, prefer a fighter pilot joystick over the game controller. I purchased a Thrustmaster HOTAS for our Blue ROV 2. Configuration was very simple.

Hi John

Thank you for the info. I now know which one to buy.
Sorry for the late reply. I have been offshore.

This looks great! Can you share the mapping you used?


Hey John,
Are those some kind of AR glasses you’re wearing? Curious as to what you think of them