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Flight control QML file

Hi All,

We recently purchased a blue ROV 2. I am having difficulty getting the controller buttons to the correct configuration. I can not seem to switch the button configuration/ axis configuration. The control pad is swapping places with the left joystick on the control and I can not seem to switch it back.

Can I download a QML control file that will fix this? If so where can I find a QML flie? Is their a library?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hello, I’m not sure what you are referring to with a QML file to fix the issue, but I don’t think this is the solution to your problem.

With QGC, you can calibrate your joystick on the Joystick tab of the Vehicle Setup page (click the gears icon). Click calibrate, then follow the instructions and the diagram in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Beyond that, it is not clear exactly what your issue is. Can you please explain it in more detail?


Thanks for your prompt response. We have run the calibrate function and the control is now working fine.