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XBOX One Controller

Hey all,
Does anybody know if the XBox One controllers are the same as the XBox 360? I have a Xbox 360 controller but the joystick controls don’t self center properly. I am looking at buying a better controller. I like the Xbox One Elite controller but I am not sure if it will work with the Blue2? Thanks in advance for comments.


I bought one of the elite controllers. I should know if it works soon. My tether cable gets here Tuesday so I’m almost ready to start testing.

@adam had mentioned to me to get the one of the newer ones with Bluetooth so you don’t need to use the old USB adapter. A quick check on amazon and it looks like all the new ones have Bluetooth.

The one elite is a question mark. It uses Bluetooth, but there is a chance some of the earlier controller revisions used a proprietary transmission. I grabbed the adaptor just in case but I haven’t tried it yet either way.

Hi Todd,

We use both an Xbox 360 and Xbox One controller with our BlueROV2s, and the Xbox one controller is much nicer feeling, they are definitely different. You don’t need to worry about the Xbox one Elite controller being compatible with QGC, any controller that can work with a computer will operate just fine. Microsoft makes sure the Xbox controllers work perfectly on Windows at least. @kevink is correct that the newest ones have built in Bluetooth, which is nice for eliminating the dongle.


Thanks Adam. You are correct about the Xbox 360 controller - it feels cheap and like a toy.

I have just purchased an Xbox one controller, as a backup controller.

Connected via Bluetooth to a MacBook Pro for testing, QGC Joystick panel has the D pad mapped to channels 17 through to 20.

I cannot see a way of remapping channels beyond 15.

@Dale_A The d pad should be buttons 11-14.

The software setup instructions indicate that there is no support for wireless use. Does the same thing happen when you are connected via usb instead of bluetooth?

Jacob, you are correct, failure to RTFM in my part.

USB connection works perfectly.

channel allocations are identical to the Xbox360 controller in USB mode. Switch to bluetooth, completely different and not useable.

Yes the same thing happens with me.

@Dale_A, @WilliamKerrigan Please verify if the xbox controller is the genuine microsoft product, and let us know your operating system.

Jacob, is there a controller with the 2 joy sticks parallel to each other (XBox seem staggered that’s all) that works with our ROV?

The Logitech F310 sticks are parallel to each other

The playstation 4 controller also has parallel joysticks, and is my personal favorite.

Thanks Jacob :+1: