Xbox one controller button assiment

Having an issue programming a new xbox 360 controller. I only have button assignment from 1-15. but when i hit the D pad buttons it shows on the left side of the joystick screen 15-20 any clue how i can assign them?

Can you please let us know:

  • Are you using an xbox one or xbox 360 controller?
  • Are you connecting your controller wirelessly?
  • What operating system are you using?

Hey. It is an Xbox one controller. Have been using it wirelessly. And it’s on Mac.

Jacob hopefully I can explain this better. I have been testing an Xbox One controller on my mac book pro. previously we had been using a PS4 controller and qground was crashing on our Mac book pro (MBP). I have not had any crashes since trying the MBP with the Xbox One controller. So i went to reassign the buttons in the setting. I can only assign 1-15 but when i push D pad buttons it highlights on the left side showing these buttons to be 16-20. so i cant assign them? I have been doing this all wirelessly.

Is 360Controller installed?

I have installed 360 controller everything works perfect when wired. Will play with it some more tonight see about the wireless if possible. Thanks