Configuration xbox controller buttons

I’m trying to configure my xbox control.
Can not select any command for the
buttons 16 17 18 19. What is the reason for this? I need them for commands like gain and light.

Regards Niklas

Hej @niklas_diver,

At this point there’s no mechanism to send button states 16 and above to the vehicle, so while QGC detects them on your controller you can’t assign functionalities to them because they wouldn’t work anyway.

We recently managed to get the Manual Control protocol updated in MAVLink, to support up to 32 buttons and some additional control axes, but those changes unfortunately haven’t yet been incorporated into QGroundControl or the ArduPilot firmwares.

You’re welcome to react to or comment on those GitHub issues to encourage the relevant developers to allocate time to those features, but until they’re implemented they won’t be available.

In the interim the best approach is to make use of the “shift” functionality, which allows you to assign an extra functionality to 15 of the buttons :slight_smile: