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Joystick buttons in QGroundControl

(Brendan Coffey) #1

Hey! The QGroundControl joystick calibration interface doesn’t provide me the option to configure my buttons. I have an XBox 360 wireless controller. Configuring the sticks worked fine, but the “Button actions” section says “Buttons 0-15 reserved for firmware use”.

(Rusty) #2


You’re probably using an outdated version of QGC that doesn’t have that feature yet. Please update to the latest daily build here: http://ardusub.com/initial-setup/#install-qgroundcontrol


(Brendan Coffey) #3

I built it directly from source about a week ago. I’ll download a daily build and see what happens.


(Rusty) #4

Brendan - okay. A week ago should be enough but I’d update again. Note that it will only show up for ArduSub-type vehicles so you have to make sure your Pixhawk has ArduSub flashed on it.


(Brendan Coffey) #5

OK, I’ll upload and rebuild. I flashed using the command line utility, and specified the bluerov frame configuration, so I think I’m OK there. Is there an easy way to tell what firmware is on the Pixhawk?

(Rusty) #6


The firmware will print out its revision number and type to the “Info” view in QGC, which can be accessed by clicking on the horn shaped icon at the top.


(Brendan Coffey) #7

OK, great. The firmware I’ve got on the Pixhawk is good, and a daily build of QGroundControl allows me to configure the buttons–except that the QGroundControl window is larger than my Thinkpad x220’s desktop, and the window provides no scroll buttons, so I can’t access anything below button #9. :slight_smile:

FYI, I got a build error on the current repo for QGC. I can file that somewhere else if you give me a pointer.