Why doesn't R1 and R2 on the PS4 Controller show up as configurable buttons on QGroundControl?

Where can I find all the buttons on QGroundControl or Ardusub?

Hi Charles -
Unfortunately those buttons are not supported, I believe due to fundamental driver issues. I’ve had some success using them in Cockpit, the Web Browser based control station extension in BlueOS.

Is the issue with QGroundControl or with Ardusub? Mainly, I’m not sure how the drivers interact with each other.

Definitely Qground control, although I believe Ardusub is limited to 14 buttons overall?

Ardusub is the autopilot firmware that keeps the vehicle stable, and responds to commands from whatever ground control station that is linked to the vehicle.

ArduSub currently supports 16 buttons, although there’s an open issue to support 16 more (to fully support MAVLink’s MANUAL_CONTROL specification), which is currently on the agenda for the next stable release.

Beyond that, there are longer term plans to switch from the current joystick button and axis handling in ArduSub to instead sending individual MAVLink messages with the desired functionalities, which (once complete) should remove the joystick button limit entirely.

Kind of both. ArduSub has a button limit (as mentioned), but QGrouncControl currently has the same button limit, and is in charge of mapping the joystick buttons to those sent to ArduSub.

If specific buttons aren’t showing up in QGroundControl that’s a QGroundControl issue, but the ArduSub limitation does provide some relevant context as to why that might be the case.