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Button actions and flight mode have problem

(qdxiatao) #1

I have connected Raspberry pi 2 and Pixhawk(ardusub 3.4, bluerov framework), when i calibrate the joystick, i can not set the button actions. and in the flight mode, there is no “depth hold” and “munual” mode.


(TCIII) #2


You need to be using the “daily” build of QGC and not the latest “stable” build.

The QGC Daily Builds can be found here if you scroll down the page to the “Daily Build” heading.

There is no longer a R/C Radio Calibration Tab.



(Richard) #3

I am going to pay 3200 dollars for equipment whose software requires a “daily” build?!!

(Jake) #4

@qdxiatao; are you sure you loaded the ArduSub firmware on the pixhawk?
(I can’t read your first attachment as its too small)

(TCIII) #5



I was recommending the “daily” build because the “stable” build does not reflect the changes required to work with the present ArduSub software. He only has to download and install the “daily” build once to be up to date.



(Richard) #6

“Use at your own risk!”

(TCIII) #7


I am periodically downloading and installing the QGC “daily” build and have had no trouble using the “daily” build with the ArduSub software on my BBBMINI.

If you persist in using the present “stable” build, you will experience what qdxiato is experiencing with his QGC “stable” build.



(qdxiatao) #8


when i use “daily” build of QGC, it works very well with Ardusub,




(qdxiatao) #9


I loaded the ArduSub firmware on the pixhawk. i downloaded daily build QGC, it is ok.