Thrusters firing incorrectly et al

Hi folks.

Non-robotic person here (no shade on the robots though). We followed the instructions to build the BlueROV2 (v3) to the letter. All thrusters were labelled and triple-checked for correct routing.

A couple of issues

  1. Logitech F310 left analogue stick does not respond in the calibration. The switch is to X, the setting is on 3 for RC. Right analogue stick and D-pad are working but not associated with any number. This was the “default” setting and isn’t that which was supplied on the website.

  2. When moving forwards, thruster 5 fires and the unit spins to starboard. When descending, thruster 6 fires, thruster 5 at far less power which results in a pitch to port.

  3. Batteries have been charged to 100% but both immediately show as around 50% charged when connected to QGC.

We are going to try and calibrate all the sensors again. We will check the cable routing and connections again. Is there anything else this could be? Also if you know how to completely remap this nightmare controller I’d love a step by step.

Thanks all.

Hi @TheoBenn,

Are you able to confirm whether that stick responds as expected in another application, e.g. the Windows Game Controllers test page? If that doesn’t work then your controller may be damaged / malfunctioning.

This seems odd. Perhaps double-check that the motors are configured correctly for your frame, via QGroundControl’s Motors Setup page?

How is your Power Setup configured? Perhaps there’s an error with the setup there.

Hey Eliot,

We rolled back the QGC software and it solved this issue

With regards to everything else, all seems fine, and we have narrowed it down to a shorting ESC… Potentially.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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