No List of Active Cameras in Camera Setup Webpage

I am using a Rapoo C260 camera that supports H.264 video output. the camera is listed as detected device on the system page but the camera is not available in the camera setup page.

Hi @jesselat, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

We have previously had a report of the H264 output of those cameras not consistently working.

That said, I recommend using BlueOS instead of our old Companion software (which is no longer being maintained), because the BlueOS camera manager is significantly more advanced and should have a clearer indication of what encodings the camera is advertising.

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My camera is still not working. What seems to be the problem? I accomplished every instruction right. I need help.

From the interface it doesn’t look like your camera is being detected by BlueOS as a valid H264 device. Does it show up with alternative encodings if you turn on Pirate Mode? If not, can you confirm that the camera is detected (and works as a normal USB camera) when plugged into your topside computer and viewed through the computer’s normal camera viewing application?