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The usb camera does not appear in the web ui

Hi, i am building the ROV, i have two constraints

first: I can’t run the camera in QGC with the code in companion ~ / companion / scripts / start_video.sh

the second: my camera does not appear in the web UI

Are you using the Blue Robotics USB Camera?

Check the camera cable for bad connections and/or damage. And easy way to test it is just plugging it to your computer instead.

Maybe its because the camera you are using is not outputting the feed as H.264 format, in order for the camera to work with the system you need to have a the bluerobotics cam or find on amazon that outputs the stream in H.264 format. this is due to the gstreamer decoding script as I have understood so far. my team are working on a python script to obtain multiple webcams stream form the vehicle , if we solve this problem which we are a few steps away from, i will update you.
Good luck.

I use a logitech c922 pro camera

Hi @ulil.ikbal,

I was unable to find any official documentation that shows that this camera provides H264 output, but to make sure that your pipeline is correct and that your camera can handle the resolution/fps, you should run the following command:
$ v4l2-ctl --device /dev/video0 --list-formats-ext

you can recheck if you webcam supports H264 output or not, also you can check this

link, if this doesn’t work for you we you can contact me, we have created “my team” a script to get feed from multiple cams connected to the raspberry pi that aren’t outputting H264 format. will send you the repo.

It tends to be utilized for a wide assortment of uses including observation, dvr recording and time slip by photography. It is profoundly configurable and can be stretched out with the utilization of large scale scripts!