Ardusub Active Camera doesn't show up


I am using RPI and a USB camera that supports “.h264”. When I open Ardusub Companion Computer Setup, under the system menu I can see my camera below detected devices as Video Device. But when I go through Camera Menu, I can not see it under the active camera panel. So that I can’t stream video.

Hi @cagan, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Is the camera being detected as a Video device on the System page?

  • If not then
    • it’s not connected properly and/or
    • it’s not a UVC-compatible camera (in which case it might need some kind of custom driver installed to be able to operate).
  • If yes and it’s not showing up in the Camera page then it may not actually provide a H264-encoded stream option
    • you can check for error messages by running screen -r video in the web terminal

Yes, the camera is detected as a video device on the System Page. But it seems that it doesn’t stream .h264, right?

Assuming there isn’t a H264 section below the region you screenshotted then that does indeed seem to be the case.