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RasPi Camera v2 Support

(Brendan Coffey) #1

Hey, all!

I bought myself a RasPi camera module v2, and I can’t get Ubuntu 14.10 to detect it. I went through all the regular steps, adding directives to /boot/config.txt and the like, but I’ve never been able to get raspistill or raspivid to see the camera. I tried booting from a Raspbian install, and it can see the camera without a problem.

Is the RasPi camera generally supported in the OS distro recommended for the ArduSub software? Or do I need something else?

(Rusty) #2

Hi Brendan,

I haven’t tried getting the RasPi camera working in Ubuntu, unfortunately. We’re using Raspbian for ArduSub and we have an image available here:


We also have instructions for setting up the Raspberry Pi from scratch:


I’m sorry I can’t be more help with an Ubuntu-based setup!