Arducam with ardusub

Maybe some could advise if this camera works with Ardusub ?
It has ISP Output Format H 264, and it is supported for PI 3, so drivers shouldn be problem ?
Are there any other demands that camera need to have to work with Ardusub ?
It is advertised that have very good response in low light condition, so I think to use it in Bluerov.

Or maybe alternative IMX291 Wide Angle
thx for advice,

Hi @jozesaje,

ArduSub is the vehicle’s autopilot - it’s firmware for a Flight Controller Board that’s focused on the vehicle motion and control, and is not relevant here. In a BlueROV2 the software running on the Onboard Computer handles the video stream.

I don’t believe we’ve tested that camera, so I can’t guarantee that it does work.

That said, given it seemingly presents itself as a Raspberry Pi Camera, I expect it should work with recent (1.1.0-beta) versions of BlueOS, and it’s possible it could also work on our older Companion Software (e.g. on older vehicles that haven’t yet switched over to BlueOS).

thank you for reply.
Sorry, I misquoted terms