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Blheli_s 4in1 along Pixhawk, Motor doesn't wanna spin

Our project is DIY ROV having brf2838 BLDC, 4in1 blheli_s ESC (popular one for budget FPV drones), pixhawk (ardusub 4.0.3) etc. We were trying to test the motors because we have just bought the ESC. For a single motor we have connected the signal wire and ground of the ESC to pixhawk main 1 and tried to test the motors. The motor just don’t want to spin at all. It spins for both directions but like with 30 rpm. Any suggestion for solving this problem. Firmware of ESC is blheli_s J_H_90_REV16_7, it is flashed bidirectional 1100, 1500, 1900. Ardusub PWM protocol is dshot600 (ESC comes with dshot600), and min, max is compatible with the firmware. What is it that I’m missing here. (BTW plugging off the ground wire doesn’t affect the spin at all which is strange.)

Hi @John_Doe,

See here: