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T200 Basic ESCs and Holybro Pixhawk 4 skid steer

Good morning everyone!

I recently bought 2 x T200 and 2 x Basic ESCs that I want to use in skid steering with a Holybro Pixhawk 4 running ArduRover. For Tx/Rx I am using a FrSky X9 Lite and a X8R.

I configured everything in QGroundControl and here is a list of parameters that I’ve changed.


Currently, I have the ESCs connected to the Holybro FP07 power distribution board (motors 1 and 3) but I am not getting any response from the T200s.

When I apply power, the ESCs beep, but then absolutely nothing happens when I arm and move the sticks on the transmitter. I have calibrated the X9, both on the transmitter side and in QGC. I also tried setting subtrims so that PWM from channels 1 and 3 range exactly from 1100 to 1900. Still nothing from the T200s.

My question then- is this a power distribution issue, or something else? Before I unsolder the ESCs from the PDB and connect directly to the battery I thought I would get some feedback.

Thanks in advance!

According to our Basic ESC Quick Start, it sounds like the ESCs are intializing:

  1. Send a stopped signal (1500 microseconds) for a few seconds to initialize the ESC. You will hear two tones indicating initialization, and then you can send a signal from 1100-1900 µs to operate the thruster.

Wha you have going on sounds like an ArduRover or Pixhawk4 issue. I recommend asking in the ArduRover/ArduBoat forums if you have not already done so. Nobody on the Blue Robotics staff has a Pixhawk 4 to test and replicate your setup.

Thanks. I listened more closely when applying power and it’s the T200 that beeps, not the ESC. The T200 sounds 3 ascending notes.

Update: When I connect the ESC to the X8R I get the proper beeps from the ESC and the T200 responds properly to the transmitter.

Post a parameter file. Could be a lot of things. Even as simple as SAFETYENABLE set to 1 with out a safety switch.

I am told that ‘new users cannot upload attachments’

Here’s a link to the parameter file on google drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TQ-JvLWPdp1CDzT4Uf1DzINosAc2CSiD

So, did you have a chance to look at the parameter file?