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BlueROV2 loses ardusub


For a while now i am having a strange issue, every time I power up the BR2, QGC does not connect and I have to go to the webpage, in system I think and reload the latest firmware for ardusub as it shows no version.

Once uploaded and restarted, it shows up in QGC and the system web page shows the version.

Any idea why the PX4 would loose it’s firmware?


Nobody has had this issue?

@trehoret That is a bit of a new one to us.

Is all the software updated? (QGC, Companion)

When was your BlueROV2 purchased? Does your Pixhawk have an mRo symbol on it or just an Arrow?

Hi Kevin,

We purchased the ROV end of 2017.
QGC and Companion are all latest.

I am not with the ROV until next week but I will check.

Will that make a difference?


It may, but unsure. We found some weird issues with the mRo Pixhawks from time to time. I checked through the ArduPilot forums, where there are many more Pixhawk 1 users than here and couldn’t find a similar issue anywhere.