Pixhawk 6C support/Depth Sensor connections


Hello! My team currently uses the pixhawk 2.4.8 and wants to upgrade to the pixhawk 6C since finding Pixhawk 4s and older are hard to find and we kind of want to stay current on devices. We seemed to have found a nightly build release or something similar here that we used to flash using QGroundControl but it still seems to be missing some features and parameters from the firmware for the pixhawk 6. One example being, we’re trying to connect our Depth Sensor from blue robotics (here) the pixhawk 6c (we spliced the wires to use the right headings and we get continuity for each pin) but when we try to set it up with the pixhawk we get an error saying Pressure Sensor not Connected. When we plugged it into the pixhawk 2.4.8 (before we spliced the wires) it came up in QGroundControl and calibrated fine.

We’re not entirely sure if this is a pixhawk 6c thing or an ardusub thing or if we just need to change a parameter but we also would like to use the BRD_PWM_COUNT which is not a part of the parameters as of current. Does anyone know if this is actively being worked on or what steps it takes to try and get this compatible with the 6c and the depth sensor?


Hi @ntrinite, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

We haven’t validated the Pixhawk 6C with ArduSub, so it’s possible there will be issues with trying to use it. From previous posts about getting the Pixhawk 4 working, you may need to change the BARO_EXT_BUS parameter for the barometer to be detected (maybe to 0? I’m not sure). I suspect there may also be issues if you try to set up a leak detector, since the FMUv6C board is not explicitly handled in the leak detector library.