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Leak sensor connection


I have a question about connection of bluerobotics leak sensor (https://bluerobotics.com/store/sensors-sonars-cameras/leak-sensor/sos-leak-sensor/) and pixhawk4 with ardusub software.
In QGC software there are options to choose leak sensor pin (AUX1-6, 3.3ADC1-2, 6.6ADC), but i couldn’t fine any AUX named channels in pixhawk4. Could any1 tell where should i connect leak sensor for proper work?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Alex,

ArduSub only officially supports the Pixhawk 1 hardware, and that’s the only platform Blue Robotics has tested and used extensively.

From the Pixhawk 4 documentation, the FMU PWM OUT pins are considered to be AUX outputs (see number 17), so I’d say those are your best bet, but I can’t provide any guarantees.

Hope you can get it working! :slight_smile: