Mulitudp settings for blue os beta

Hi is there a option to add multiudp settings in the blue os beta. I am trying to run a opencv code alongside qgc. Thanks for your help. If there isn’t a way to add the setting is there a quick way to disable streaming in qgc with a button and turn it on again so i can easily switch between the opencv code and qgc.

Hi @cerealkiller2527,

Multiple IP support was added in 1.0.0.beta16. In 1.0.1 it’s available using the green “+” button beside the stream endpoint. Before that it may have been a comma separated list.

NOTE: If you installed a beta version prior to the 1.0.0.beta16 release then you’ll need to do a fresh flash of beta16 or later, and should hopefully be able to do all updates from there without needing a fresh flash.

Oh, ive been using the beta 15 version. Is there anyway to update to beta 16 without taking the sd card. Because it is a two hour process for us to flash the new firmware

I cant seem to find the blue os beta 16 image on the repo. Is the 1.01 an updated version? can i use that?

It’s possible but will require some command-line instructions from the software team, which won’t be available until after the Easter weekend. If you’re ok to wait a couple of days then I can get that info for you.

Release history goes

1.0.0 (first stable release)

So yes, 1.0.1 is the latest release, and should be fine to use. The plan is that updates after the first stable release should ideally never need another fresh flash, unless the SD card somehow gets corrupted, or there’s a very major update (e.g. in more than a year), but effort will be made to avoid that being necessary. 1.0.0.beta16 was a release candidate for the 1.0.0 stable, and there weren’t major changes between them, so it can use the normal update process to go to the stable images. There were some important changes between 1.0.0.beta15 and 1.0.0.beta16 that can’t be done via the normal update process, which is why we recommend flashing as the simplest way to guarantee everything gets changed correctly :slightly_smiling_face:

We’re planning to soon make a proper announcement that BlueOS is stable, but have been holding off on that until we’ve improved the documentation because it’s quite minimal at the moment.