Possible bug with video stream in 1.1.0-beta.16

Good day BlueRobotics,

I’ve been struggling with the video channel on our new BlueROV2. It has been working occasionally but it would come and go seemingly with no reason. I think I’ve reduced it down to it never running when powering up in 1.1.0-beta.16 but coming up if I revert to factory OS. I can then swap back to 1.1.0-beta.16 and it will remain working until I power down. It will not work when I power back up.

We’re running a Navigator flight controller and I have been running BlueOS version 1.1.0-beta.16 and Stable 4.1.0 AutoPilot firmware. I’m running the Low-Light HD USB Camera (SKU: CAM-USB-WIDE-R1-RP).

I have found that when I power up the vehicle, I will have no video on QGroundcontrol but will get the “Waiting on Video” message in the video screen.

When I check the Settings/Video Streams page on Blue OS it shows that there is no video stream:

If I then change OS over to “factory”, the video comes up no problem:

If I then swap back to 1.1.0-beta.16 without powering down, the video stays up and runs fine:

and the camera shows up fine in Settings/Video Streams:

If I power down and repower in 1.1.0-beta.16, I will be back to having no video and have to repeat the process of reverting to "factory’ and back.

Any idea what is going on? Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug here (or possibly both).

There is a secondary small issue that I found during this process:
When swapping between BlueOS versions I get the BR Logo as the new OS loads. That’s fine and correct:

But even though I hear on QGroundcontrol that “Communication Regained” the BR Logo and “Switching to new core” message remain. When I refresh the page, it disappears, but it took me a while to realize that it was OK to refresh after communications was resumed. I had assumed that I had to wait till the BR logo disappeared which it never does.


Hi @mcook,

Can you try updating to BlueOS 1.1.0-beta.17? If that doesn’t help, please let us know any warnings / errors that are coming up in the notifications on the BlueOS web interface.

Hi Eliot,

The day before 1.1.0-beta.17 came out I bought a new micro SD card and re-flashed the vehicle using that. I then uploaded and applied 1.1.0-beta.16 and it seemed stable. The camera was working and it wasn’t always reverting to Factory.

When 1.1.0-beta.17 came out I uploaded and applied that and, so far, it all seems good. So, as things stand now, the problem seems to be resolved.

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