Camera issues because we can't see the display

On the robot we have, the camera is not recording. At first, we could see with the camera, but every few seconds, it said “waiting for video”, and it stopped our recordings. We got several very short clips, but they would not play. Then, we updated to beta 28, and the camera didn’t work. Does anyone know what we can do to solve these issues?

Hi @imurpappa, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with your vehicle’s video stream.

It’s possible there was some issue with the stream configuration settings when you updated. I would recommend checking the Video Streams page to make sure your camera is being detected (if not it may help to update the Raspberry Pi firmware bootloader USB controller), and if so that a stream is actually configured for it.

It may also help to ensure you’re using the latest recommended version of QGroundControl.

If those don’t help then please check whether the camera shows up in your computer’s detected devices and its video / camera viewing application when it’s plugged in directly, then email to cover the context of what you’ve tried so far, when you bought the camera (an order number is ideal, but a rough date is still ok otherwise), and continue the discussion of appropriate next steps there :slight_smile: