How to view (BlueOS) multi camera stream?

If I use QGC I’m able to switch between cameras. But unfortunately I’m not able to view picture in picture, therefore I’d like view 2nd camera feed in some other way.

Setup: Rasp4 + Navigator + 2 USB cameras, Latest BlueOS, video endpoints udp: 5600 & 5601

I was not able to open the network stream on VLC.
Can anyone suggest how I can view the camera stream in general using vlc?
Or recommend some other software for that?

Hi @mareks,

It’s best to use even numbers for video streams - programs like VLC will often assume things like 5601 is the audio for 5600. Try using 5600 for your main stream and 5602 for your secondary one :slight_smile:

Can you try creating a file “camera2.sdp” with the following contents:

c=IN IP4
m=video 5602 RTP/AVP 96
a=rtpmap:96 H264/90000

and then running that through VLC?

We’re planning to generate SDP files automatically in future (for the active streams), but have not yet finished implementing it.

There are some other receiving/playback options discussed here, but VLC should work, and is likely the simplest to set up.

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