Low-Light HD USB Camera - Multiple cameras - 2 + 1

I have two extra Low-Light HD USB Cameras that are from the Blue Robotics website & am looking at putting them into there own 2" x 4" pods. I have tested them (connected the cameras to an extended whip & then soldered to there usb whip) but am unsure if they work as I am not sure where I can view them? Any thoughts?

You could use the DWE QGC interface. Natively it wants a 1+3 , but I have it working with a 1+1 and two blank boxes. If you want to omit the blank boxes, I’ve had good luck integrating our extra camera into an OBS output. Of course DWE, has their own new software called discovery for recording, but so far I think it lacks a big enough window to stream from for situational awareness (my opinion).

It’s worth noting that if you extend your camera cable, you’ll want to make sure and use a twisted pair for the data lines!
As Mike said, you can view multiple streams in this way. You can also configure BlueOS to send the extra streams and receive the video with VLC media player. Best of luck!