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QGroundControl with MultiCam Support

Hi everyone!

We have released the first official version of our fork to allow for an additional 3 cameras to be viewed on QGroundControl, called DWE QGroundControl.

Below is an image of the additional window that opens allowing for recording and real-time viewing of multiple cameras directly from a Raspberry Pi or the BlueRobotics Companion which now allows for multiple cameras to be streamed in the beta version.

You can find more info here: https://docs.exploredeepwater.com/software/qgroundcontrol.html

This software has been a long time coming and we hope it will be useful to as many people as possible!

Although we had previously posted here on the forums about our progress on the software, we have added a ton of new features which you can see a list of on our release page.

Additionally, we now use a separate installer and data folder from the normal version of QGroundControl, so installing our fork will not interfere with QGroundControl or its configuration.

We hope you give it a try and we definitely look forward to your feedback! :smiley:


Windows only? :slightly_frowning_face:

As of right now, unfortunately yes. We plan on building for Linux this week and MacOS later down the line. We will make announcements for both in this topic :smiley:

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Greetings DWE, I picked up one of your underwater cameras for testing, and I want to check out your fork of QGC. I installed it this afternoon on an old windows surface laptop, and I see it installs into a different directory than normal QGC from the BlueRobotics download. Can your custom QGC and the normal install of QGC be installed on the same computer? If so I will install on our rugged field laptop system with better computer performance. Thanks!

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Yes! Our version of QGC should not interfere with the standard download from bluerobotics or the official qgroundcontrol website. Additionally, it has a separate directory for both configuration and recording files, meaning the download should not interfere with your original installation at all.