How do you use 2 cameras on QGroundControl

i bought 1 Low Light HD USB Camera and 1 Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2 w/ Wide Angle Lens from blue robotics but i dont know how to use both cameras on my ROV. QGC only supports 1 camera so is there another way. I am open to anything. do i have to buy a fathom S or something. Major thanks to everybody helping!

Hi @jjabraham,

QGC does not have support for two cameras at this time, but it is something being worked on. You can follow the progress here, but it is not usable at this time.

The only other multi-camera system that I am aware of is @etienne 's Aft Camera modification.

Hello Kevin,

Thank you for mentioning my system.

I sell a network upgrade, IP cameras and software to view/record it.

I’ll be launching my new website soon and I will keep everyone posted.

@jjabraham you can PM me if you are interested.


I run a rear facing HD-TVI camera over one of the spare pairs of the tether (no baluns or adapters necessary inside the housing, just a TVI to HDMI adapter at the surface). The camera gets power from the BR2 bus bars and I view the camera on a separate small monitor to the side of the laptop running QGC.

Thank you very much for your time and help it was very informative. Out of curiosity, do you know when QGC is going to release this duel camera feature

Hi Jay,

This feature is already in progress, but we don’t have a deadline to have it yet.

i was told that in this new update, we would be able to use 2 cameras in QGC. how do you get this function

@jjabraham This will be available in the future, not in this update. Whoever told you that was mistaken.

is there a way to use more than one camera. if i wanted to use a high def camera like a go pro and attach that to a tether interface, how would i connect it to it. and do i have to worry about any latency issues. also what is the point of attaching a fathom s to the pixhawk. is it to view it in qgroundcontrol. if that is the case then what is the point in having an rca display. will it display the video feed on the laptop and display or just the display. and what is the point in having using an arduino.

It is possible to attach more cameras to the existing network like IP cameras like @etienne has done.

If you want to use a gopro, or analog camera, then you can use the fathom S board to transmit the analog video signal in the tether, and you will have to use a separate analog display to show the video.

QGroundControl will be able to show multiple video streams in the future, right now it can only show one.

Please continue to ask your questions about the cameras in one subject (right here) instead of starting new discussions in different places.

The other questions about fathom x, pixhawk, and arduino are apparently unrelated and should be put somewhere else. You can read more about how the whole thing works here:

Hi there,

From my research it appears that the QGroundControl now has the ability to choose between cameras. Is there a straightforward install guide and camera option that can be used to mount a rear facing camera on the BR2? All I have found on the forum seems quite complicated. Looking at getting a BR2 but one of the things I need is a rear facing camera to check on tether etc.

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There is no official support for this yet on the BlueROV2, or the software offerings from Blue Robotics. It is planned for us, however with no set timeframe.

Currently, it is possible to get multiple cameras running on your own (outside of our official support). You should check the topics on this forum to learn how to do that.

Hi Jacob.
Is there support for a dual video stream yet?
I’m using Ardusub to build a tethered inspection tracked rover and having the ability to have 2 cameras would be very handy. One for the FPV and the other to record footage for my clients.
Cheers Peter

Hi Peter,
Which tracks will you use for your system?
Do you have some picture of your rover?

Hi Achat
I am doing a prototype using this design on Thingiverse.

If you use it don’t forget to tip the author.
Will be a tight squeeze to get everything in but as it is mainly for testing I may go to a wheeled version after.


Hi Peter,

This is a working in progress feature, you can check the status here:

Thanks for that, I will keep an eye on those developments.
Cheers Peter

Hey! I know this post is old, but if you are still interested, me and a team of people have been working on a fork of QGroundControl with support for streaming multiple cameras. The fork can be accessed on the GitHub page or you can read our documentation on our fork here I am only replying here since this appears as the first result in google when searching for “QGroundControl multiple cameras” and I think this is something that should be added to QGroundControl in the future.