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Connect ip camera to qgroundcontrol

Hello everyone,

First of all thank all the participants of the forum for providing so many solutions to the problems and developments with the BR
I use an IP camera 4k 12mp DAHUA on my BR. The quality is very good and the camera has focus, zoom and RGB control, very important to have a good underwater image.

You can see some videos on my YouTube channel “Ocean Secrets Vigo” I leave two links to give you an idea of ​​the quality of the camera:

The problem is that I can’t see the image of the camera through qgroundcontrol, I have tried everything but I am not able.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks to everyone beforehand.


Wow that looks great!! What is the frame rate of the camera?
And are you transmitting over the ROV tether, or separate tether (fiber?)

Here’s a question/awnser pasted from another thread…

Connect an IP camera with H264 to it. Can I display the image on it in GroundControl?

If the ip camera supports rtsp streams, yes QGC can display it.

How about opening a browser window and putting it next to, or on top of, qgroundcontrol?

Here’s something similar…

How do you watch the stream currently?
An Onvif client should be able to help you find the RTSP stream.

Hi marcus

We use 25 fps 4k 12 mp with h264 protocol and transmit the signal through the ROV tether using a secondary Fathom X inside the BR with a bridge between both FathomX and we have a delay of 200 ms approximately.

We have tested up to 200 meters of cable and it was correct.


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Hi @Andres,

Do you have a link to or the model number of the exact camera you are using?


Hi Oddmar,

Thanks for your comment, I had seen this post before and tried the rtsp protocol but it didn’t work. Finally, today I found the solution, the problem was that the rtsp address was not complete, I followed the following scheme:

rtsp:// IP : PORT /cam/realmonitor?channel= CHANNEL &subtype= ENCODING &authbasic= LOGIN*

Now I can see the image correctly through qgroudcontrol and even manage the zoom with the mouse if I have previously selected the camera in the web browser.

The only problem is that it does not allow to see the image size in 4k through qgroundcontrol, by lowering the resolution to 3072 x 2048p, which is practically 4K, the difference in quality is not noticeable and works perfectly.

To control the focus I have to open a small window with the web browser.

I enclose a photo of the result:


Hi Willian,

We used a web browser by entering the IP, but as I told Oddmar I have already found the solution, the problem was in the address rtsp: //


Hi Addam,

The exact camera model is: Dahua IPC-HFW81200E-Z 12MP 4K IR Ultra HD Outdoor Bullet IP Security Camera.

The camera has an impressive quality, but as you can see it is too big, so we have disassembled the case and only use the electronic components. On the other hand I installed an internal microphone to capture the marine sounds and the BR itself, which is interesting to hear the correct operation of the engines.

I leave you a link with a video of a project of control of marine plastics that we did for the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia, so that you can see the camera in operation at different depths, with and without light and also so that you can see our project. In this case I have uploaded the video in 1080p because if it is not very heavy, therefore the quality is higher than what you will see in the images.



Wow, thats awesome. So do you record to the PC HDD/SSD using the camera web browser software?

Hi Marcus,

Sorry for not responding before I had not seen the message.

I record directly through the web browser by selecting a PC folder for storage.


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