How do I get two camera views in QGroundControl?

Is it possible to connect 2 cameras to raspberry pi on ArduSub platform? Can QGroundControl software handle two video streams? (My camera module is H.264 and I have 2 cameras of 1080p. I am using Raspberry pi4.) I would be very glad if you could help :slight_smile: I wish you a healthy day.

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Hi @Tuoedir6, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Yes, although depending on the software you’re running it will either be quite simple or a bit complicated to set up. There’s a comment about it here.

Not the normal version, no. There’s some information here about a few different ways you can receive an extra stream. There’s also this custom QGroundControl version, but note that because it’s a fork it’s not supported by the main QGroundControl developers, and there are no guarantees it will support all the features of or receive the same updates as the normal QGroundControl.

The normal QGroundControl can technically support 2 video streams if one of them presents itself via MAVLink as an infrared camera, which is a feature we’re hoping to make available via our Companion Beta software in the next few weeks.

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Hi there! @EliotBR
Thanks for the shoutout of our software! Our project should continue to update along with with normal QGroundControl and we expect it to continue to be completely compatible with the standard version.

We will release announcements of our product updates on our own forum’s QGroundControl topic (QGroundControl - DeepWater Exploration). Additionally, if we make any major improvements we may post updates on the post mentioned on the blue forums (QGroundControl with MultiCam Support)

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While trying to develop the Qgorundcontrol interface with the QT program, I encounter the following error, how do you think I can solve this problem? Thank you. Have a good day.

Hi @Tuoedir6, are you following the QGroundControl build instructions? They’re quite detailed, but not very forgiving if they aren’t followed exactly.

When I last followed that process I didn’t have any missing files (like in your error message), but if you’ve done every step as per the instructions and it’s still not working then I’ll see if I can replicate the issue here and help figure it out :slight_smile: