Building your custom QgroundControl

Hi folks,
I need to edit QgroundControl’s video player for needs of my project. However I’m struggling with the task, since the app is like 300000lines of code. I cloned the QGC repo from github and successfully built it on ubuntu 22.04, but can’t find any tutorials/guides online what to do next.

Will be glad for any help :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @vahe4060 -
Would Cockpit be able to fit the needs of your project? It supports multiple video streams and recording! And is open source, and much easier and more modern to develop with…

hi @tony-white
Thank you for your reply. That seems to be a promising application, but I my task goal is to achieve the functionality in QGroundControl, so I can’t really use any other GCS (.

Hi @vahe4060, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

QGroundControl does have a developer guide that may be handy, and a good place to start in the codebase would presumably be the VideoManager.

There may be some other community members who could help (e.g. this forum thread could be relevant), but on the Blue Robotics side we don’t provide support for custom QGC development, since it’s not our application and most of our GCS development efforts are now focused on Cockpit.

The QGC developer docs do provide a link to a relevant forum where development questions can be more meaningfully discussed :slight_smile:

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Ok, I’m not sure if this is going to help you AT ALL, but here goes.

I use a stripped-down security-system DVR in my WTC to send 8 composite camera feeds topside through a 4-port wired router then an ethernet-over-coax adapter (RG59 coax being my tether). I use 7 FPV microcams potted in 100% silicone in PVC endcaps pointing in various directions on the outside of my ROV (including on the gripper wrists), and a used Panasonic T70 78x optical zoom camcorder ($50 on ebay) on a pan/tilt gimbal behind the front dome. This gives me 8 camera feeds I can view in an internet browser window, with QGroundControl only running the ROV.
If you wanted your main camera to be 4k, you could use a 4k IP camera behind the dome and change the security-system board to a modern NVR (network video recorder).