Video Display Problem on QGroundControl

Hi, I am using Walkera X800 with Gimbal. I am using QGroundControl GCS for getting the telemetry and Video. I am unable to get the Video on QGC Video screen. I have installed Gstreamer and using a AV to Ethernet Converter on Ground. The GCS is working on Windows 7 PC

Thank you

Hi Ashutosh,

You’ll have to set up a custom gstreamer command to read from the AV to Ethernet converter and get that to QGC. Something like this is not natively supported by QGC.

I would suggest asking on the QGC Gitter page as there are a lot more QGC experts there:

We only use QGroundControl with a specific setup using the Raspberry Pi 3 and camera. We launch the necessary gstreamer command on the Raspberry Pi.