Video does not show on ubuntu linux and not stable on win7

hi all,
i have setup my pi3 and pixhawk successfully on my rov, and the qgroundcontrol can receive mavlink message greatly, but now i have problems with videos, my laptop is installed with win7 64bit and i have installed qgroundcontrol 3.1.3, the video on qgroundcontrol is always cut in and cut off, not stablize, i have also install gstreamer1.5.2 in c:/gstreamer, there is no change. also i have tried on unbuntu(another os on my laptop), the mavlink is great, but there is no any video, worse than win7, i have checked on ubuntu the gstreamer has installed, i do not konw what’s matter with this, any suggestions will be appreciated!


hi , i have enable output video on my win7 laptop now, i found it is related with the pi3 video parameters, but i found if i wave a colorful object before camera, the video will became not very clear, but if i just wave my hand, it is very clear, i have upload one picture not good, do you guys have any idea about this, the following is my pi3 camera parameters:

raspivid --nopreview
–width 640
–height 480
–bitrate 5000000
-fps 30
–awb auto
–sharpness 50
–contrast 15
–saturation 10
–brightness 55
–drc medium
-roi 0.02,0.0,0.81,0.85
–timeout 0
–output - |
gst-launch-1.0 -v fdsrc ! h264parse ! rtph264pay config-interval=10 pt=96 !
udpsink host= port=5600

the not_good_video2.jpg is captured in evening, but it is very good at noon, i guess it is related with the light outside, do you guys have any idea i will very appreciated.


Some graphics hardware doesn’t work well with QGC. On Windows, three programs are installed, QGroundControl, QGroundControl (GPU Compatibility Mode) and QGroundControl (GPU Safe Mode). Try launching the compatibility and safe mode programs and see if they work better. On Ubuntu, I suspect you don’t have the correct packages installed. Try sudo apt-get install gstreamer1.0*.

You can click the ‘Q’ icon in QGC and in the Console tab, click the button that says Set Logging. Here you can choose VideoManager and VideoReceiver log to get debug information that would be useful for figuring out the problem.

@jwalser yes you are right i missed some gstreamer plugin in ubuntu, it can show video now and the performace is better than win7 platform, thanks jacob