Adding a Second/Third/Fourth Camera?

Curious if others have added multiple cameras to their ROV? What are you using?

This is possible, but we are still working on integration of multiple simultaneous video streams in our software.

There are many posts in this forum regarding the topic that you will find with a search.


Hi Jacob, I see this discussion stooped a couple of years back, but where did things get with integrating multiple streams of video in the software?

As far as I know, it’s still not possible to do in QGC, but if you run a second screen, you can have multiple networked IP cameras showing in a browser like this

If you were doing this on an ROV, you would have a network switch onboard to handle the multiple cameras (or you could use multiple fathom boards)

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We’ve added a low-light camera connecting to one of the companion computer USB ports, and just streamed it along with the existing stream, just on another port. We currently use OBS+gstreamer to receive it on the top side, since it’s convenient and allows flipping the feed when we turn it around (it’s a top camera that we can rotate, and if we turn it to face backwards it’s upside down so it’s good to be able to flip it back the right way up).

Required some small modifications to the companion computer video scripts that we got help with from Ian at UnderSeaROV, but wasn’t particularly complicated all up.

As a note, OBS allows receiving multiple streams at once in the same window, so it would be possible to set up as many streams as you’ve got the bandwidth for and view them in a tiled grid in OBS, or overlapping or whatnot if that’s desirable.

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I use a security-system DVR in my ROV, connecting through my ethernet over coax tether to the surface. Just access the DVR’s IP address for 8 camera views. And onboard 1080p recording. HIKVISION TurboHD DVR