Extra cameras... where to find the links? :)

…trying in the Jungle ?.. preferly one for two extra cams ;)…or any goood explenation ;))

There is only support for 1 camera at this time.

ok? …well i saw a tread about it somwhere that someone had a backcam too?..i guess the ethernet can do several cams so is it impossible ?

It is possible, @etienne designed their own solution. We do not provide a solution for this at this time.

Yes i just found it… strange… im in different time then you and when you come to work i find things… :slight_smile: …will follow that one and see what i can do;)

@ROV, one of our clients used an IP camera to connect a second camera to their BlueROV2. You can see their set-up, and the quality of the video from their second camera on their website.


Basically, all you need is a mini-switch between the RPI and the Fathom-X, and there are a few solutions out there on the market. The second camera is mounted in a 4" tube which was used in lieu of the standard 3" battery tube. The quality is breathtaking. The drawback with their setup is that there is less room for batteries, so they have to use a smaller battery. I have to warn you that the camera is expensive, I believe in the 7-800€ range.

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Tnx;)))… 7-800 e?..what battery is that?:slight_smile:

Damn. Typo, should have been camera. Fixed now.

I’m theoretically using one servo input and a pair of tether wires to run an analog camera with a servo input switcher. 3 total additional cameras, one for the arm, one rear one, and theoretically one downward facing one.