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Do you run dual camera?

Hi guys.

Sorry I’m spamming the forums these days with all kinds of questions - but I find the technology so fascinating, and I’m not even done asking lol.

Just wondered how many of you BlueROV2 users runs dual camera? I’m thinking it must be nice to have the ability to switch camera for when your cable is entangled somewhere or want to track it backwards? Can the Low Light USB camera be mounted as a second camera inside the tube?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Christian
I use the low light analog camera looking backwards housed in an separate housing
// Bo

Hello Bo.

Thanks a lot for your reply - looks very nice :slight_smile:

Are you from Sweden?


Hi Christian
Yes Stockholm area
// Bo

I sell an aft Camera in the Battery housing:

It comes with a small app that can act like a rear view mirror

You will need the network upgrade kit:

I personally find this camera essential when flying the ROV. Saved me from many entanglements.


Thanks for the link - looks very nice.

Seems it’s almost faster, easier and cheaper for me to order a flight ticket to the US, compared to ordering online and going through the customs/postal hassle. Quite a shame.

Not sure I understand what you mean.