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Low Light Camera is excellent

(Todd Sparkes) #1

I have installed a Low Light camera as well as the Pi color camera so I am streaming both videos to the surface. I am very pleased with the Low light camera. It has a good picture but it works in conditions long after the color Pi camera has lost its picture due to lack of light. Much better than I expected, just as good as some models that run into thousands of dollars. Nice product BR.:grinning:

New camera and laptop
(Rusty) #2

@canman172 - Nice! Thanks. I think the low-light performance of that camera is pretty impressive too. We’re working on getting a digital version so that we can get the same type of performance in HD.

(Todd Sparkes) #3

From my experience with ROVs the low light is used for navigation and the color is used for close up inspection. I have the low light going to a monitor strictly for viewing purposes. The HD color is being recorded with overlay for inspections and client requirements. The Low light is connected via a regulator board to the battery so even if the system crashed I still have video to the surface which can be an asset if recovering a dead sub to mitigate against pulling too hard on the tether if the ROV is entangled.

(undersearobotics.com) #4

Nice to hear someone else likes the low-light SD camera. I was equally impressed with it. In fact in some ways I prefer the simplicity of the “Standard” electronics for the ROV also.

(Mark Langille) #5

That would be great, a better HD Pi camera for sure.

We are going to run some parallel tests with the Runcam Owl on the Fathom-S along with the Pi HD.
The Owl is similar to the low light BR with 700 lines and 0.0001 lux. Best bench testing and works well. Had it for a UAV setup. http://shop.runcam.com/runcam-owl/

(Mark Langille) #6

@canman172 assume your using the Fathom-S for the Low light feed?

(Todd Sparkes) #7

Mark I am powering the camera through a 12Vdc regulator board and running the video straight up 150 meters of tether.

(Todd Sparkes) #8

I have a set of baluns which I figured I would need but the picture is excellent without them.

(Mark Langille) #9

Interesting so just straight analog over the twisted pair? No noise or signal loss?
I’ll have to try that out to compare to the feed over Fathom-S.

(Todd Sparkes) #10

I said I would try it straight analog just to see the quality. I honestly expected a lot of noise. There is not a flicker. As for losses I am sure there are some but where I am using the video for navigation the quality is more than sufficient. Let me know what you learn from your experiment.

(Mark Langille) #11

Thanks will do. Running the Fathom-S its pretty much equivalent as straight out of the camera.
I’ll try and test and take some pictures to compare with it run each way later this week.

(Jesper Christensen) #12

@canman172 What framerate are you getting in different light conditions? Did you do any manual adjusting of the camera parameters?