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Custom pan/tilt camera system

Hi all,

Just thought I’d share a pan/tilt camera system we developed recently. The camera is a 1080P/25FPS IP board camera, connected to a network switch with a network enabled Arduino Uno. The Uno controls the servos from the surface using a custom webpage (local network), and the video feed is viewed on the same laptop/PC using a web browser (video below).

Using a centralised underwater hub, 4 cameras are connected, and only 1 surface-to-hub cable is required (power and data). The topside web browser is configured to a quad split screen so all feeds are viewed simultaneously.

This was built for a static application, but there’s no reason it couldn’t be adapted to ROV/drop camera use. In that case you would probably make use of the Pixhawk board for control within QGC (is the pan feature still available?)


Hi Marcus,
Nice solution! What bulkhead connectors are you using?

Thanks! Bluetrail Engineering Cobalt connectors/cables, they’re the bomb! Small form factor, high current rating, exceptional engineering, everything just works


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